Great beers are everywhere

Beer is another thing Joe and share an interest in. This isn’t anything special, I know. The majority of men share a passion for beer, but the share part is a bit hard if you live on different continents. Thankfully we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy our fair share of beers together in the past (and future) but until the next time we have the opportunity, there is an app called Untappd. I’m hooked on it.

Untappd is an app that I use to keep track of beers I’ve drank and share them with my friends. After a bit more than a year I’m up to 300 unique beers. I have to admit, it sounds a bit sad but it forms a sort of diary. This app allows you to keep track of where I was when drank that beer and with who I was with and at what location I was at. When you drink different kinds of craft beers, it’s hard to keep track of everything you’ve had, and it prevents you from buying and ordering beers that you don’t really like over and over again.

Craft beer mania

With the new found popularity of craft beers, I too really like to try different kinds of unique beers. The IPA’s, porters and sour beers are my favorites. I’m eager to taste different flavors and learn more about all kinds of beer.

Drinking my way through the world

My girlfriend and I try to travel as much as possible and each time we try local beers. When we find a local, cozy brewery where the brewers serve their own brews, we hit the jackpot. I check in the beer, take a picture, fill in the location and months later I look at my checkins and relive our trip again.

Getting him started

I’ve convinced Joe to use the app now too. It’s interesting to see what kinds of beers he drinks and what kinds of (craft) beer are populair in the US. Getting him hooked on this app is a small stepping stone for what is to come…a trip we will take later this year: Octoberfest in Munich! This has been on my bucketlist for years, as a traveler and a beer lover.

Warning, more beer ahead!

This will not be my last article about the beauty of beer. The great things in life are sometimes the ordinairy, as you know, and I very much enjoy a good and tasty beer. My girlfriend and I even brew our own once in a while. Beer is great, especially when you enjoy it in good company.

Do you have untappd too? Find me and add me as your beer friend.


The Common Einstein (You, Us, and Everyone Else)

Liked the article or just feel like leaving a comment? Do so below and thanks for the read!

Liked the article or just feel like leaving a comment? Do so below and thanks for the read!Liked the article or just feel like leaving a comment? Do so below and thanks for the read!







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