Morocco: Diamond In The Rough

Thinking about a nice trip to a place that wouldn’t typically be your number one destination? Visit Morocco!

City in Morocco
Picture: MvdM

My girlfriend and I went to Morocco in April and loved it. The country has a lot to offer, is very safe and the landscapes are amazing.

We flew into Cassablanca and the next day we rented a cute Fiat 500 and drove to the north of the country to the city of Chechaouen. This is an amazing city with small alleys where you wander for hours. One of the beauties of this city is that everything is blue and white. The houses, buildings and even the pavement of most alleyways. Enjoy a nice Moroccan tea on a terrace and visit their local market.

The small streets from Fez

Our next stop was the city of Fez. We parked our car at the edge of town and walked to the riad. I highly recommend staying at a riad or two, it’s an awesome experience. A riad is a combination between a hotel and bed and breakfast. They serve you breakfast in a common room, and when you arrive they always greet you with a cup of Moroccan tea.

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Saving What Is Left of Notre Dame

On April 15, 2019, the church of Notre Dame in Paris, France sustained substantial damage through out its structure from an awful blaze. No one knew just how badly it would all be. The fire when it had occurred had seemed to continue growing and growing. The building, where the first stone was laid down in 1163 by Pope Alexander III, seemed as if it would all be brought back down to that very first stone.  Reminding us, just because something has stood the test of time, doesn’t mean it is going to last forever.

Thankfully, by the great work of many firefighters, the building was mostly saved.  Not to down play the damage that was done and about a good amount that has been lost, but this iconic landmark wasn’t lost forever today.  

A Nightmare Creates A Unifying Moment

As millions were watching, both on scene and around the world, the horror of seeing something that no one seemingly even gave an after thought of occurring, was unfolding before our very eyes. A loss for the country of France, the city of Paris and a possible loss for the World’s heritage.  Perhaps what also had the world watching and speaking in this moment was the parallel meaning it held for many of us.  A lot of times, when things are going wrong in our own lives, it seems like it’s one bad wind from all coming down amongst a rapidly burning fire.

Especially in today’s time….

Rebuilding Notre Dame

The day after the fire that shocked the world, a lot of people already said they wanted to donate money, in some cases millions, to rebuild the building. From everyday ordinary people, to millionaires and billionaires. A very noble gesture. One that shows that together we stand united.  That we can have a common cause, we can have common beliefs, we can have common grounds, and we can have a common strength.  Because together…..united, we are stronger.

No fire Can Bring Us Down

So, much like French President Emmanuel Macron stated about the iconic Notre Dame in sum that “we will rebuild… all together…” and we must have the same determination in our lives. No matter how strong the inferno can be. 


The Common Einstein (You, us, and everyone else).

The World Cup brings us all together

Photo: Pixabay

Joe: There’s something special that happens one out of every four years when the World Cup comes around. Regardless of how much war, political controversy, numerous and varying culture zeitgeist’s that are going on, it’s the only time for a 90 minute period where the human civilization seems to stop and come together.

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The Cusp Of Thirty

adventure asphalt autumn calmness
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This month marks me reaching my 29th birthday.  I remind myself not just to live but to reflect.  When you reach certain points in your life you begin to realize it’s not solely just about one or the other, but through reflection comes life.  In order to appreciate where you are, one has to see who you’ve chosen to become.

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Great beers are everywhere

Beer is another thing Joe and share an interest in. This isn’t anything special, I know. The majority of men share a passion for beer, but the share part is a bit hard if you live on different continents. Thankfully we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy our fair share of beers together in the past (and future) but until the next time we have the opportunity, there is an app called Untappd. I’m hooked on it.

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First of many


My good friend Joseph asked me earlier this week if I was interested in writing for his blog. I immediately said yes because I’ve also been wanting to start a blog but haven’t taken the time to start nor did I know what to write about. Working together is way more fun plus you keep each other sharp. Besides that, I think we can write about different things in life and have a lot to offer. Everybody has a story to tell and besides that, in my opinion our different backgrounds make it more interesting.

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