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So, you may have asked yourself why “TheCommonEinstein”? To answer that in short, we’re in no way in any relation to arguably the greatest physicist to have ever lived.  Nor are we in any field of science as well.  Just friends who’ve been told “nice job, Einstein!” jokingly throughout life (who hasn’t though?).

But to quote that very Einstein, in one that’s often credited to him:

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

We generally believe it.  Everyone in their own right and to their own standards, can be geniuses or Einsteins. In which having that common understanding and ground is pretty special and brilliant.

For everyone to read

But if you’re slightly or highly above common in anyway, and we are sure you are, this blog is still for you and yours.  In reality, you… the very person that’s currently reading, are the entire reason this blog exists. To hopefully spur thought, give you an answer you weren’t looking for (or were), or give you an interesting read.

And if nothing else then give you a pit stop in your daily routine.

Every day’s beauty

Somewhere on this site there’s a quote which says there’s brilliance in the ordinary, there’s genius in the everyday, and on the common ground complete ingenuity.  Which in our opinion there absolutely is. Everyone’s life is unique unto themselves, we can’t live another person’s life nor can someone live ours.

However, something unique does happen when we share our lives with one another.

The social connection

Our world’s interact with each other. Impacting one another and when that happens it adds to our own. Sometimes in bad ways and in a lot of ways good, even great ways. It can happen by bumping into someone on the street, meeting an individual on social media and holding a conversation with them on social media (although nowadays it seems more to be an argument. Especially the feeling of people talking at you instead of with you), it can even happen by listening to for example Sam Smith. Because your favorite artist having an impact on the millions including yourself.

Transfer of energy

Whether we like it or not, saying ‘not’ with a slight emphasis, being in the current environment we attempt to only take in what is either to our liking or in line with what we want to hear. Every interaction is a transfer of energy, thought, sometimes mood to one another, each other’s lives and the experiences with that. The impact could last a mere minute but could go on for an eternity. All relative to ourselves and perspectives.

That’s what this and in a larger sense the brilliance of life is all about.  We hope your read was an enjoyable one.  And carry on Einstein.  Till the next one.

The Common Einstein: you, us, and everyone else. – JM

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There’s brilliance in the ordinary, there’s genius in the everyday, and on the common ground complete ingenuity.

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