Where do you want to go?


Setting goals. When I think back at my first years in college, I wouldn’t have thought I would be working at the company I’m currently working at. Truthfully speaking, I invisioned it to be a bit more glamorous. However, I realize that I might have had an unrealistic expectation.

Dream job

Within my professional life I think it’s important to have fun and to work hard. Obtaining good results and showing what you are capable of. I’m not the “stab you in the back” kind of guy. I’d rather show you that I’m good at my job by working hard while also collaborating and having fun with my coworkers because as a team you are always stronger.

Happy with my job

Everybody likes a promotion. It’s shows you are appreciated. Will I ever be a CEO? Do I want to obtain that title? It’s hard to say because you never know how your carrer path will go. Is that a lack of ambition? Not in my eyes, I just don’t want to be greedy. Being happy with your job and growing within your professional skills, is really what I’m focused on at the moment. I really want to grow and be a specialist in what I do.

Happiness in the small steps

Setting goals is nice to do. Two of my friends and I do it ever year. Not only work related but also things we do in our private lives. Our goals range from simple things, like visiting a country we haven’t been to before (easy for a European citizen to do, right?), to big things like investing money or getting a promotion at work. Doing it together keeps us sharp, and hold us accountable because you want to complete your goals within the year. Obtaining these kind of goals give me great satisfaction.

What does the future have in store?

For the long term, I have the goal to become a millionaire. Who doesn’t? But only if it fits within my current way of living. The danger of setting goals is that you might live in a constant pursuit of happiness where you forget to live in the moment. It’s good to have those small moments of clarity where you enjoy the simple things in life. It’s a great feeling.

We will see what the (near) future will bring. Being happy and healthy, no matter what you want to obtain, is the highest goal.

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There’s brilliance in the ordinary, there’s genius in the everyday, and on the common ground complete ingenuity.

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