First of many


My good friend Joseph asked me earlier this week if I was interested in writing for his blog. I immediately said yes because I’ve also been wanting to start a blog but haven’t taken the time to start nor did I know what to write about. Working together is way more fun plus you keep each other sharp. Besides that, I think we can write about different things in life and have a lot to offer. Everybody has a story to tell and besides that, in my opinion our different backgrounds make it more interesting.

Who the F are you?

So let me tell you more about myself and the reason why I’m here. To start with the weird thing about me: I’m a crazy Europeaner. Born and raised Dutch. And yes I’m freaking tall with a height of 6’ 4”. I live in the city of Utrecht which I’ll be kinda shocked if you ever heard about it. Because, let’s be real, if you already heard about the Netherlands as an American, you only heard about Amsterdam. I don’t blame you though. It will be my task to teach you more about me and the other Dutchies.

Friends overseas

Joseph and I know each other from an internship we both did at a radio station in New Rochelle, NY. An instant friendship was born. Thanks to globalization, Whatsapp, iPhones and of course because he is just a wonderful, and awesome friend, we stayed in contact. We even managed to meet up several times despite the huge distance between his beloved New York and my small country, and for that I am grateful. Because here I am, nearly eight years later, writing my first article for this blog that Joe started. Thanks, Joe, for being awesome!

Best of both worlds


The fact that we both grew up in different countries with different cultures will give this blog a different perspective. We both learn from each other’s daily lives and cultures. We talk a lot about the things that are normal to me but he finds just plain crazy, and the other way around. Even though we are both from the Western World, there are enough examples of things that we find weird or even bizarre about each other’s countries and everything that comes along with it. For instance the fact that I just wrote that I’m 6’ 4” and not told you


that I’m one meter ninety – insane. Let’s face it people, the Metric system makes way more sense than the Imperial system. Don’t even get me started about Fahrenheit, please. I might have to save that for another day.


“I’m trying to figure out how to start.”

How to start a blog?

As you can see, this website has to be filled with content. Articles, photo’s, comments, videos. You name it. Every start is hard though – where to begin and what to do. Joe already did the hard work. He created the url. Now it’s my time to shine and ‘kick start’ this page with the first article.

I know our traffic won’t be high in the beginning, besides my mum and Joe’s dad – who might find it beautiful – we won’t have many readers yet. That’s okay though. Because while building a house you have to start at the foundation not with the roof. (I know it’s a stupid metaphor but I just thought it was cool to write it.

Our blog has to be shaped. Joe texted me the other day and said: “I’m trying to figure out how to start lol.” Well my dear friend, we just start somewhere. Because we will shape this website while being on our journey. We will figure out what will work and what not. What we will like to share with the world and what not. To obtain this, we just have to write and share. The readers, who we both hope the amount will grow by the day, can help us with this. What would they like to read about? Maybe they want to share their thoughts, comment on our content or tell us we are just too cool for school. All fine by me.

So, lovely people leave a comment and help us grow.



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