Dependability = Availability + Reliability


It comes in a lot of forms and measurements. Regardless of one’s associations in life, it’s a fundamental part of any relationship’s foundation.

Possibly, the greatest indicators for it are availability and reliability. Dependability and reliability play hand in hand. The one underlying commonality between the two is availability. It’s all tied into one.


For my entire life I had my dad to serve as a guide. From my childhood to my now adult life he still plays a major role. Recently he moved south, which kind of shifted the ground. Yet, despite the new found distance, I found if I needed him or needed his advice he was still a phone call or text away.

Availability isn’t just a physical presence. It’s the ability to be they’re when needed the most. The effect of visibility isn’t one that stops physically. It has a prolonged affect. Because of that person’s effort and track record of being there when needed, in the back of our minds we know we’re able to rely on them.

Even from afar. If you’re never available you can’t be dependable. Which leads into reliability.


Reliability is theprecondition for trust – Wolfgang Schäuble (German Lawyer and politician of the Christian Democratic Union)

Whether it’s in politics, business, or in personal life reliability is what makes people realize who their allies or real friends are. The ones that really have their back and step up when needed.

It’s the belief in the accountability of that party to follow through. May it be a new, growing, or established connection to have dependability you have to have reliability. And in order to have reliability you have to have that record of availability, in person or even from afar.


The Common Einstein (You, Us, and Everyone Else).

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