New York City Part 1: The Empire State of Mind

Washington, D.C. may be the capital of the United States (where I call home) but a fun fact about our nation is New York City (another place I call home) was actually the first capital of the United States.

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What makes New York City unique for so many is that it is also considered a feeling.  You will always deep down either love or hate it.  It’ll feel like the greatest experience ever.  Or possibly the worse experience.  That’s just on a day by day bases.  

Located in New York state, it often feels as if its in a state of it’s own.  To which it also tends to operate as such.  Largely democratic, leaning to the left it truly pushes it’s own form of independent governing with frequent spats between the City and the State’s capital in Albany (particularly the mayor and governor).  Often times setting it’s own rules an policies.

So as you can see even today though located within a state it has it’s own empire state of mind.  Particularly in Manhattan.  Which lends credence to many across the United States and the World of New York City being such an important and vital place.  Being the media capital, financial capital, and in the title of many songs that are loved (such as the on and only “New York, New York” by the legendary Frank Sinatra).

Always On The Go

Whether its in a massively packed subway ride, a congested highway, a dangerous but fun bike ride, an interesting taxi cab, perhaps a horse and cabbage ride like the good ole times or a stroll through an overcrowded block of pedestrians and street vendors ….. Manhattan is a town that does not stop.  Ever.  The lights are never off and there forever will be “another stop” before making your way back home or breaking night to make it into work.

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The moments in the big apple are never easy.  Whether it’s playing the human version of frogger dodging cars while crossing fifth avenue or avoiding pedestrians like traps in mine sweep (I’m dating myself with these game references!) it builds a foundation. Sometimes laying that beginning is not only the hardest part, but the most important.  After all, if you can make it in New York…you’ll make it anywhere.


Absolutely, but 100% true.  That intensity creates a hustle spirit that isn’t just unique to one person or one location.  It’s a regional, national, and global one that all of us have who’ve been touched by New York.  It leaves you with a choice to choose defeat or to pick yourself up and push forward.  It spreads a contagion in your body that shows you there are bigger things in life.  Doing so, reminding you that no matter how small you may feel, in fact you are in no way shape or form…. insignificant.

It humbles you, to grow. It strengthens you, to build grit.  It’s a crest of honor, one that people always have something to say whether you’ve been or you’re from.  You see, people spend their entire lives trying to get to New York and experience it for themselves beyond the shows and movies.  So if you’re lucky enough to start or already be in New York, don’t just be a tourist.  Be that implant, grow.  Be that native and strive.

Especially in the golden child of Manhattan.  If it has to do with food, you will find it.  If it has to do with talent, you will find it.  If it has to do with some spiritual awakening, you will find it.  And if it has to do with finding yourself or getting lost in a crowd, you will find yourself in that situation.

Hope you enjoyed this first part of our New York City series in Articles.


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