Morocco: Diamond In The Rough

Thinking about a nice trip to a place that wouldn’t typically be your number one destination? Visit Morocco!

City in Morocco
Picture: MvdM

My girlfriend and I went to Morocco in April and loved it. The country has a lot to offer, is very safe and the landscapes are amazing.

We flew into Cassablanca and the next day we rented a cute Fiat 500 and drove to the north of the country to the city of Chechaouen. This is an amazing city with small alleys where you wander for hours. One of the beauties of this city is that everything is blue and white. The houses, buildings and even the pavement of most alleyways. Enjoy a nice Moroccan tea on a terrace and visit their local market.

The small streets from Fez

Our next stop was the city of Fez. We parked our car at the edge of town and walked to the riad. I highly recommend staying at a riad or two, it’s an awesome experience. A riad is a combination between a hotel and bed and breakfast. They serve you breakfast in a common room, and when you arrive they always greet you with a cup of Moroccan tea.

The maze of Fez

Back to Fez. This city is a maze. It’s an adventure to roam through the small but authentic streets. A friendly man, whom we thought wanted a tip afterwards, walked us all the way to our riad, but he didn’t ask for any money. He told us he was a tour guide but when we texted him if he could give us a tour, he never responded. Fez has a lot of small streets and market stands. They sell all kinds of fabrics, herbs and food. It’s nice to walk through those small streets. Hungy for a bite? Buy a local snack or find a spot in one of the small cafe’s.

Marrakesh and Atlas mountains

Another Moroccan city is Marrakesh. This is a bigger city, and again the heart of the city is filled with small streets where you can find people or donkey drawn carts, it’s unique to experience. Sick of walking everywhere? Take a taxi. For a small fare they drive you through town. We took a taxi one night and a 15 minute drive cost us 2 euro’s, about $2.50.

While staying in Marrakesh, we took a day trip to the Atlas mountains. This was a great choice. A private driver in a 4 x 4 picked us up and drove us through the mountains. The small mountain roads will make your jaw drop. On our way we stopped for tea, a camel ride, and during lunch time we stopped at a small house where a traditional Berber family made us a traditional Berber meal. I simply love traveling.

Do you want to go to Morroco?

Are you considering traveling to Morocco, and do you have any questions? Please let me know.

Cheap pictures and contact

City in Morocco
Picture: MvdM
Street in Morocco
Picture: MvdM
Riad in Morocco
Picture: MvdM
City in the Atlas Mountains
Picture: MvdM

All pictures are taken by me and for one US Dollar you can buy them from me. Please contact me and I’ll send you a copy. You will get a response within 48 hours.

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